Zoohoor was founded in 2004, under XOL Holding, a privately owned company proven to invest in and operate companies with emphasis on the Middle East & North Africa region with more than 200 employees under its roof. Zoohoor team is an innovative and professional staff and contributes to Zoohoor’s vast experience and growth.

Operating since 2004 Zoohoor has been targeting Lebanese expatriates living abroad.

In today’s modern society, geographical distances and busy lifestyles, including long working hours, put a strain on people’s personal lives keeping them away from the things that really matter; their families and loved ones.

By bridging physical distances between its clients and enabling them to save time by shopping online, Zoohoor.com aims to help them reconsider their priorities and consolidate their relationships with the people dear to their heart.

The extensive array of services and high end products have positioned Zoohoor as one of the region’s most noted ecommerce websites that offers an extensive variety of gifts and flowers worldwide.


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