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Loyal Seeds, the customer loyalty program for Zoohoor.com, will be regarded as an added value for the existing members who would be rewarded for their loyalty.

The program rewards members by granting them 1 point for each $3 spent. The initial %10 discount starts at 50 points and starts increasing with each extra 50 points accumulated. So for example at 130 pts, %20 discount would have been gained.

Earning Points
$77 dollars is considered to be the average amount spent by the customer on each purchase, so 26 pts are earned on every $77 spent (since 1 point is gained for each $3 spent). After three purchases, if no discount was used, the accumulated number of points will be 78; hence, %10 discount rewarded. The same happens for the future purchases; if the customer accumulates 50 more pts and still didn’t use the existing discount, he/she will be granted of another %10 reduction. So a %20 discount will remain in his/her account, taking in mind that no points were used.
Redeeming Points
the beginning balance was 130 pts, and a % 20 discount was available in the member’s account. The customer chooses to use for his/her next purchase only 100 points from his/her balance to benefit from a %20 discount. Therefore, 30 pts will remain in his/her balance.
So after he/she chooses to buy an item for $77, he/she will pay a total amount of $61.60 since he/she has chosen to benefit from the %20 discount available in his/her account. Once the purchase is done, 100 pts are deducted from his/her beginning balance and he/she will automatically be granted of 26 pts, which will be added to his/her account.
Consequently, his ending balance will be 56 pts (30 pts + 26 pts = 56 pts).
Registering on Zoohoor.com is the 1st step in applying for the Loyal Seeds® program, but only after a registered user purchases his 1st item from zoohoor.com does he/she get enrolled in Loyal Seeds® and starts earning points for each purchase he/she completes.
Membership levels at Loyal Seeds® will be divided to 3 types depending on the accumulated number of points. The 3 levels are divided into the following:
Membership Level Benefits